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Why doesn't any f<b>*****</b> post in here? I'm sure quite a few people come past the site everyday. Now if everyone who came past here posted it would make it ALOT more interesting. But I too don't post here as much as I should. Although it only seems to be myself, ek, jenn and nidia who post here 'regulary'. Then again that 'busy' s<b>***</b> ek mentioned in his blog is a problem. f<b>***</b> work. f<b>***</b> work in the butt. Next to sleep it's the thing that takes up most of our time. That's fucked. ek, I apologise I haven't blogged recently and will endevour to blog/post more regulary.

To all you other pricks. Post something in the forums! ANYTHING! It's not a literacy contest!
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yeah.. well we only post cause we're the kool ones.. all the other people suck :D haha.
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Damn skippy!

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