bush vs kerry

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bush vs kerry

Post by nethic »

this is what i think about u.s pollitics's (considering canadians are far more stupider). i have read about theminstalling automated voting machines for this election upcoming . i think bush will win , but not by americas choice but by who ever is pullin his strings . see kerry is a good candidate he want's most things that canadians want and he has a plan i see to get canadian/american relations back to full strength
also help alot of things bush don't speak about all he want's is to "stop the terrorism" but why bush your the one starting it . invading iraq and s<b>***</b> , i think bush paid osama to do it so he could invade iraq and complete his fathers legacy of terror , but then again wadda i know i'm canadian right . for you who have seen farenheight 911 you know what i'm talkin about bush/osama family relations oil s<b>***</b> man all about the black gold . anywase i lost my ppoint of topic and now lost myself ina babble , but ya i think bush will win even thow america will vote for kerry , the second J.F.K to lead as major candidate to the presidency , and if he does win he will be assinated i am sure of it . anywhoo thast's my thought , :)

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Post by eekay »

I agree to a certain point. I'm not all that politicaly, but, I undestand how things like this works. I beleive Bush will be re-elected. Not due to crap, but due to Americans voting for him. *shrugs*

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Post by Jenn »

dude, were you high when writing that? =\

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bah. politics.
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Post by Loki »

yeah that was a odd rant. but yes no one thinks about the border implications and how fucking shitty it makes trade with canada. Honestly I agree. The crap w/ the bin ladin funding, the bush family roots in iraq and the oil industry...it all disturbs me. but the only option Us citizens have is to literally overthrow the govt. That would leave the borders and military forces rag-tag as f<b>***</b> and the resources here would be pilliaged. Some other govt. would take over. there really are no options but to challenge our govt. at every turn, and make sure they are actually acting in our interest. We can't do much about bush.
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