GRUB it's a b****

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GRUB it's a b****

Post by nethic »

ya i have installed mandrake 10 once again but on my other mcomp now the first time i did it it worked sweet , but i had to format for sum un aparent reason but now when i have installed it and everything i reboot and i get "GRUB geom error " i have googled 4 a solution but i can't seem to find it but i have noticed other ppl have gotten it to especialy with old comps , but my comp is not old not even close to what they were saying i just can't seem to figure it out i have even tryed to put it on a floppy and boot from that but still no go and when it does go it's a black screen that just says GRUB and nothing else no boot screen or fack all i don't now what it's problem is but it's pissin me off madd so guys if ya can please help you know what to do , thanx :(

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I know nothing about GRUB, man. Although, I know you can change your boot loader to something 100% better. Search google for something that might suit your needs a bit better. GRUB has been known to totally suck. You'll find that during the google search also. Plus, I'm sure you'll find other people with the exact same problem.

If the problem persists, feel free to post again. I'll help you find a resolution.

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