using the shell

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using the shell

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well i finaly got it . but i need help on the shell commands like how to run things and basicaly compile stuff like i know gcc and tar but i don't know how to use a exe or a program threw shell it's deffinatly not like dos and i need some help guys so if ya can please post back ty :)

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To execute a file you have 2 options depend on what directory you are in.

1. If you are currently in the same directory as the executable simply do "./game" without the "".

eg. user@host$ ./game

where 'game' is the file you want to run. The ./ simply means "current directory". So if you wanted to run a file in the parent directory to the dir you are currently in use "../game"

2. To run a file in a dir that you aren't in use the following format.

eg user@host$ /usr/whatever/game

Where /usr/whatever/game is that path to where the executable file is.

Hope that helps. Also check out the chmod man page to see how to set/unset files as executable.
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