SPAM ISSUE: 12-01-2004

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SPAM ISSUE: 12-01-2004

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Due to recently released updates in the mail software, TKC Networks has updated. The update should be 100% complete by now and there should be no problems. However, while updating there were a few changes in the SPAM identifiction software that inhibited the ***SPAM*** to be added to the subject line of emails. The identifier was working perfectly, as usual, and labeling all spam as spam. But, the identifier was NOT changing subject lines to contain a ***SPAM*** prefix for filtering.

So, if you've gotten spam in your email, we are sorry. This issue has been resolved and the ***SPAM*** labeling should work perfectly once again. If you experience any problems or need help setting up filters for your TKC Networks email account, feel free to contact support or add your questions and comments to the TKC Forum.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and wish you a great day.

Thank you for choosing TKC Networks.
Janky Jay III

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