QMail to Postfix: 07-31-2005

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QMail to Postfix: 07-31-2005

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In the last few days, TKC Networks has been working very hard on the new mail server. Some of you may have noticed little "glitch-like" errors popping up here and there when sending or receiving mail from mail.thekeyboardcowboys.org and thought, "What the hell?". But, it's all over now!

TKC Networks has finished transferring all user, domain, mailing list, and virus/spam protection from the QMail MTA to the newer (And MUCH better) Postfix MTA.

You'll notice roughly 200% less spam in your mailbox and a much faster mail transfer agent to boot. The implementation of the virus and spam protection is also much better, easier and faster.

We have also "officially" changed from SMTP-AUTH [b]OR[/b] POP-Before-SMTP to strictly SMTP-AUTH via SSL/TLS. This was a major change, but it will benefit everyone in the long run. No more send failures due to not checking email first. No more denied domain sends. No more errors. PERIOD!

If you are not accustomed to using SMTP-AUTH for sending email, there are directions for setting up your mail client here in the forums. So, please feel free to use these forums or the mailing lists for help. The mailing lists can be seen by visiting [url=http://lists.thekeyboardcowboys.org/]http://lists.thekeyboardcowboys.org/[/url] or sending an email to [email]tkcnet-request@liststhekeyboardcowboys?subject=subscribe[/email] with the word "subscribe" as the subject (No quotes or course). Or, you can simply mail the support team at [email]support@thekeyboardcowboys.org[/email] for help or information.

Enjoy and thank you for using TKC Networks.

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