Spam Threshold. 09-08-2005

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Spam Threshold. 09-08-2005

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The TKC Networks Mail server has updated the Spam Treshold number from 4.0 to 3.0.

This means that any spam that was previously labeled as a 3.9 or lower would get through without the "***SPAM*** " headers added to the subject line of the email. Now that the threshold is set to 3.0 as opposed to 4.0, spam labeled as a 3.0 or greater will ALWAYS have the "***SPAM*** " headers added.

The reason we've done this is because we were getting complaints about silly spam getting to users (and myself) with very little text and the body containing information about "V14GR4" or "C14L1S". Those messages weren't high enough on the spam level to be labeled as spam at the 4.0 threshold. Now, it should trim those down to roughly none... we hope.

If anyone has any issues with messages me labeled as spam that aren't or even general questions, please feel free to post in the "Help" section here in the forums or send a mail to [email][/email].

Janky Jay, III

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